Our Tech Stack

Identity Management Development Frameworks Business Workflows Distributed SQL Database Pub/Sub Run Time Framework Business Insights Containerisation
Auth/Federation using Keycloak
RBAC/ABAC policies
Leading open source Springboot for app development
Micro front ends using ReactJS and MUI
Temporal workflow engine for Micro services orchestration at scale
Less Plumbing with more business logic
Manage disparate systems seamlessly using Temporal workflow
Yugabyte as cloud native distributed SQL DB for mission critical banking apps
Horizontal scalability and resilience of Cloud native architectures
Data replication across regions with geo-partitioning capabilities
Apache Kafka for distributed event store
Real time event streaming
Dapr as distributed run time
API for solving distributed application challenges
Industry-wide best practices for reliability
Real-time analytics using a combination of Spark Streams and Delta Lake
Persona-based dashboards using analytics
Insights for customer engagement
All Micro services as Docker containers on Kubernetes
Scale using KEDA
Automated Roll-outs and Rollbacks
Self healing